About Us

Ball Python World started as a Hamilton Family based project having some fun and learning about reptiles, Nita Hamilton’s love for Ball Pythons captured the whole families interest and we started to all pitch in and help, each doing their part adopting pets as their own, and working to care and nurture the animals. After a time we began breeding and reselling animals to friends and fellow breeders. As time progressed we began building a reputation among fellow breeders, and with the public. We have since became a Canadian Name in Ball Python Breeding, each year growing, in reputation and size of our projects. We have even begun to expand and adopt Ball Python Apprentices, to share or knowledge and the business of Ball Python Breeding. Our latest Partner Sean Fuller is joining us in coming years as a branch of Ball Python World, thereby increasing our projects, and our animal availability again.

We love the ball pythons we work with and enjoy the great variety of morphs, personality, and general temperament of these wonderful animals and hope to share this with many people for years to come!