Ball Python Morph Breeding Season 2013

Holy Macaroni!

We have been Hard at work this season pairing off our animals, with some cool plans for the next year hoping to produce a good variety of animals for everyone this year!

Where to Start???? Wow!

Co-Dom Projects with Sean Fuller.

Sean has taken on his first year of breeding as a partner and we set him up with a load of Proven Breeder Females and a Number of Co-Dom Ball Python Morphs with a sprinkle of Recessives  Our Goal to produce a larger number of Pet Grade animals for our local pet markets and beginner level owners.

Pewter Male x Normals (3)

Pastave x Normals (3)

Genetic Stripe X Het Genetic Stripe (1)

Lemonblast x  Normal (3)

Albino X Het Albino (2)

Mojave Spider X Normal (3)

Spider Pastel X Normal (3)

Pastel Lesser Het Red Axanthic x Pastel (2) & Normal (1)

This should serve to produce several great pet grade Ball Python Morphs as well as fuel some production of future female breeders!

Main House

With Several Projects on the Go we are trying to produce some more rarely seen Ball Python Morphs, some fail safe  Morphs, and some new higher end Ball Python morphs. Now just going from memory here.

Pastel Spotnose x Spotnose Female – Pastel Powerball (2 Clutches)

Pastel Spotnose x Spider (possible spotnose) – Nitro

???? x Spider Possible Het Ghost – Spiders Het ????

Coral Glow x Spider – Coral Glow Spiders

Coral Glow x Pastel – Pastel Coral Glows

Coral Glow x Pastel Lesser – Pastel Lesser Coral Glows

Coral Glow x Pewter – Pewter Coral Glows

Het Black Axanthic x Het Black Axanthic – Black Axanthics

Champagne x Enchi – Enchi Champagnes

Calico x Lesser – Lesser Calicos

Calico x Pastel – Pastel Calicos

Calico x Spider – Spider Calicos

Super Pastel Het Genetic Stripes x Het Genetic Stripes (3 Clutches)

Lemon Blast x Cinnamon – Pewter Blasts

Vanilla x Pastel – Pastel Vanillas

Het Toffee Male  x Het Albino – Toffinos (3 Clutches) 100% Toffee Male so no repeat of last years attempt to prove out :(

Black Pastel Pinstripe x Pastel Het Red Axanthic – Onyx Pinstripe Pastel

Black Pastel Pinstripe x Het Red Axanthic – Onyx Pinstripes

Black Pastel Pinstripe x Mojave – Black Magic Pinstripes

Black Pastel Pinstripe x Lesser Black Pastel Lesser Pinstripe

Pastel Het Pied x Pied (3 Clutches) – Pastel Pieds

Spider Het Axanthic x Het Axanthic (2 Clutches) – Axanthic Spiders

Cinnamon Spider (?) x Pastel – Prove out the Spider in our Abberant Cinnamon Spider Line for some Pewter Spiders

Super Pastel Orange Ghost x Pinstripe – Lemonblast Het Ghosts

Double Het Axanthic Albino x Albino Possible Het Axanthic (2 Clutches) – Snows

Pastel Het Clown x Het Clown (3 Clutches) – Pastel Clowns

Phantom x Mojave Spider Pastel – Purple Passion Bees

Phantom x Mojave – Purple Passion

Super Pastel Yellow Belly x Abberant Yellow Belly – Pastel Ivories

Stinger Bee x Pastel – Pastel Stinger Bee

Stinger Bee  x Lesser Pin – Enchi Lesser Spinner

Honey Bee x Het Ghost (2 Clutches) – Honey Bee

Honey Bee x Pastel Het Ghost – Humble Bees

Double Het Pied / Lavender x Pied Possible Het Lavender – Dreamsicle

Double Het Pied / Lavender x Het Lavenders – Lavenders Possible Het Pied (2 Clutches)

We will COntinue to keep everyone posted as we see development on the pairings, We are seeing the 1 Spotnose x Pastel Spotnose Clutch and the Pastel Vanilla Clutches look to be the first one to drop, but we have a lot of Bulging females!!!!


Cinnamon Ghost Ball Python

Cinnamon Ghost Ball Python Projects 2013

Our Cinnamon PHOG Male is up to size and breeding up a storm! He is just possible but we home to prove him out with a Het Ghost and a Ghost Female. He was locking up first week so hopefully he will prove out and we will get some nice dark cinnamon ghosts!


Clown Ball Python Projects

Clown Ball Python Projects for 2013

2013 has a few more Clowns in store for us I am sure!

We have Our Proven Pastel Het Clown paired with three Females this year, and he is locked up already in the second week! Three Females all het for Clown are crossed with the pastel het clown male. SO Goal is a couple clutches with some Pastel Clowns and Clowns for 2013 season!

World First! Pastel Fire Het Red Axanthic!

Looks to be the first in the world! Pastel Fire Het Red Axanthic, a Firefly with the Het Red Axanthic Gene my wife has nicknamed the Lightning Bug.

 Lightning Bugs Hatching. We were lucky to land two males, one which we will continue to breed. Another will be posted for sale.



Lightning Bug Fresh out of the egg. Very light Head and much busier Pattern then the Pastel Het Red Axanthic.

Lightning Bug with Pastel Sibling.




Lightning Bug After his First Shed. Very Subtle Yellow and appears Lighter after a few more sheds. Looking Forward to Pastel Fire Red Axanthic, Maybe Super Pastel Fire Red Axanthic?

SPOG Clutch

Super Pastel Orange Ghost Male x Het Ghost Female

Female Het Ghost Laid May 26

7 eggs

Possible offspring : Pastel Het Ghost, Pastel Ghosts

Estimated Hatch Date: July 20 2012